New Artist at Dumm Comics Saturdays

2013-03-16 14:12:06 by JWBalsley

Hello all, I also want to announce that I'll be posting new comics that can ONLY be read at Dumm Comics, on the Saturday slot from now on. I will also still be making other comics at my other site called Balsley's Comix as well. Go check them out. Thanks for reading.

New Artist at Dumm Comics Saturdays


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2013-06-10 20:05:03

Hey, I've been following "Meerkat Mayhem" in Dumm Comics since day 1!
Now that I'm coming back to the 'Grounds, I'm gonna seize the chance to congratulate you for this happening! I got really happy for you!
Keep on the superb work, man!

JWBalsley responds:

Thank you very much, it's always a challenge and I'm very grateful they chose to bring me on. Cheers!


2013-09-19 00:12:43

Hey man, found this today, might be good for another avenue of distribution!!