Entry #1


2011-05-12 13:39:01 by JWBalsley

Hello, I'm new to this site but it looks like there is plently of great stuff here, I've just submitted a few things just now.



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2011-05-12 13:45:34

You have some great artwork. I hope you go places and do things here.
Have you ever tried to animate your artwork?

JWBalsley responds:

I would really like to start animating my stuff, I've never animated before but I would like to start. I have flash CS3 on my computer so I may start with that.




2011-05-12 15:49:09

yea man, you really should go into animation

JWBalsley responds:

Thanks Xellon, I would very much like to animate, I plan to start soon with Flash, I'm just going to try to teach myself for now and see how it goes.



2011-05-15 08:49:37

Awesome drawings. You should visit the art forum some time.

JWBalsley responds:

i will have to check it out, thanks!


2011-05-17 11:21:00

I think I accedently deleted someones comment, I'm still trying to figure this thing out, sorry.


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